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Ben Conniff

Luke's Lobster
Ben Conniff is co-founder of Luke’s Lobster, a Maine-bred lobster shack with 29 locations in 9 US cities and 7 in Japan and Taiwan. Luke’s serves best in class seafood because the company controls its catch all the way from the docks to the plate, meticulously preparing and handling every claw, knuckle, and tail. Luke’s only buys from sustainably-managed fisheries and tells every guest the exact harbor where each of its fish came from every day, showing how taste, transparency, and sustainability are intertwined. Luke’s is a Certified B Corp, and pursues its mission to support coastal environments and communities by donating a portion of proceeds from its award-winning lobster rolls to The Ocean Foundation. Ben is also the author of Real Maine Food, the Luke’s Lobster cookbook, and has written for Saveur, Smithsonian, Playboy, GQ, Tasting Table,and more. He was named to the Inc. and Zagat “30 Under 30” lists and serves as an advisor to many restaurant, fishery, and agriculture businesses. He splits his time between Brooklyn, NY, and Portland, ME.