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Chris Cataldi

Genvid Technologies
Co-Founder & COO
Chris Cataldi is a founder and COO of Genvid Technologies, a New York based
startup focused on building a suite of technologies that enable game makers to
create new types of massively social, always-on, highly interactive game
experiences. This venture ties together his lifelong interests of gaming interaction,
service design, and disruption innovation. Developers using Genvid’s SDK will be
able to take full advantage of server-side resources, and drive high levels of
engagement to an extended audience, all without without major changes to their
development workflow.Prior to Genvid, Chris was responsible for business development and strategic planning for Shinra Technologies, which explored the potential for cloud-native
gaming content. Chris has more than a decade’s experience working in Asia, and
has a high level of Japanese language proficiency. During this time, he worked in
management consultancy (strategic due diligence and technology innovation for
semiconductor manufacturing, IoT, and wearable computing for Japanese blue
chip companies specializing in the B2B sector), and in global human resources
and organizational strategy (Mitsubishi Corporation). He is an avid amateur cook,
and holds his MBA from Madrid's IE Business School with a specialization in global
management and entrepreneurship.