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Lea Peersman Pujol

Chief Curator
I am a future designer and a people engineer who enjoys activating human talent at the service of impactful moonshots. I make possible futures more tangible and invest in the people capable and interested in making them a reality. I do this by consulting for pioneering companies and leaders, by convening and enabling conversations around key world and business issues, by coaching and teaching through active engagement and bold stories, by prototyping the future of work. I leverage my experience in digital transformation and innovation, foresight and strategy consulting, impact investment, communications and branding, design thinking, community management, career and leadership development, augmented reality and startups. I am excited to live in this present where technologies are exponential, challenges are big, opportunities are bigger, and people are human. I bring my best when I can dream without limits, connect disciplines and people in unexpected ways, assemble forward-looking teams, take first steps, be strategic with resources, and put people first.